Beating the markets is what we do for a living...

This table shows the performance of vs several other asset classes. It is updated at the end of each month.
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Month dreamfire52 DOW Jones NASDAQ S&P500 Gold US Oil REIT BitCoin
2022-07 +11.45% +7.33% +10.13% +8.64% +2.36% +2.15% +8.13% +23.86%
2022-08 +6.88% -4.06% -4.64% -4.24% -3.15% -8.72% -6.01% -16.34%
2022-09 +1.68% -8.57% -10.50% -9.26% -2.84% -11.01% -13.73% -2.73%
2022-10 -0.56% +13.82% +3.90% +7.89% -1.72% +8.06% +3.41% +5.03%
2022-11 +15.60% +5.48% +4.37% +5.38% +8.96% -6.16% +6.15% -16.36%
Total Returns +39.23% +13.03% +1.96% +7.32% +3.15% -15.86% -3.76% -11.45%

November 2022 Commentary
We largely stuck to our plan to short the U.S. Dollar. As expected, gold and silver started to rise. If this is the real FED pivot, we expect the dollar to continue to drop; however, we don't expect a US Dollar reversal without some counter trends. We will be shortening our normal time frame so that we can catch some of these waves.

October 2022 Commentary
October was a very tough trading month. Trends materialized and disappeared quickly. In the end, we had our first monthly loss of about -0.56%. While we did not beat most asset classes in October, we are well ahead of all asset classes over the past 4 months. We think we were a bit early shorting the US dollar this month, but I think the concept is still in play for November. This will mean gold and silver should rise. We are still bullish on the markets and yes...we still think cryptos will eventually go to zero.

September 2022 Commentary
September was a volatile and choppy month, making it very difficult to trade forex. We managed to scrape a 1.68% gain for the month while all other asset classes dropped for the second straight month. So far, we are fulfilling our dual goal of beating every other asset class and making money in any type of environment.

August 2022 Commentary
The dreamfire52 distributed forex fund beat all assets this month. This is a great advantage of short term forex trading because it adds diversification to your long term stock portfolios. In this case, all other assets were in the red for the month and the df52 fund managed to make a nice gain. So far we are beating the market along with all other asset classes. Our position on bitcoin hasn't changed.

July 2022 Commentary
The dreamfire52 distributed forex fund was off to a great start in July 2022. We managed to beat all asset classes except for BitCoin. Our position on BitCoin is that it will eventually go to zero so we are not worried about beating that asset class.