Understanding the dreamfire52 Distributed Forex Fund

dreamfire52 Advantages

The dreamfire52 service is built to beat the market indices. It has the following selling points:

What is our goal?

Our goal is to beat the market indices with aggressive investing strategies and make gains under any type of environment. By doing this, we help you achieve your financial goals faster. We target 6% monthly. We cannot guarantee that we make this amount. Losses are possible. dreamfire52 relies on short term analysis and discretionary trading to target 6%. At the start of every month, regardless of the previous month result, we reset and do it again. We use the FOREX markets to accomplish this. FOREX is the largest market in the world. This makes an excellent way to diversify the user's portfolio. Most investors are buy and hold participants. Having a short term system could be very beneficial, especially in bear markets. We are active traders, much in the same way as hedge fund operators.

How does it work?

We specialize in FOREX or (Foreign Exhange) trading. FOREX is the largest market in the world and markets are open 24hrs per day and 6 days per week. While the benefits of FOREX trading are well known, what is not so well known is that most individual traders fail. It takes many years to learn how to trade the market and it is better left to professional traders. With dreamfire52, an ordinary investor can trade like an experienced investory passively. Our program allows you to copy the trades of an experienced FOREX trader in your own account automatically. This technology in general is called "Copy Trading". Copy trading is not a typical signal service where a company sends you trading signals to buy or sell. Trading is much more than a black box. The vast majority of our trades are discretionary trades, not computer generated. dreamfire52 does the time consuming research and analysis for you, and makes the trades in your account. Please don't be intimidated by any of these terms. It is really pretty simple. When a trade is made, the trade is copied to all client accounts in the correct proportion. When we buy, you buy, when we sell, you sell. All of this happens automatically while the user works or sleeps.

Why is Copy Trading Beneficial?

Copy trading is ideal for traders who don't have the time to trade on their own, who don't have the necessary experience to trade profitably, or who simply want to learn and gain experience while copying some of the most successful traders on the market.

Trading API

An API or application programming interface is the technology that allows us to copy host trades to our clients. We can access each account via and API token that your brokerage allows. When the host trader makes a trade to buy a FOREX pair, the trade is copied to all clients in proportion to the amount that they have in their accounts. All this is done seemlessly. The user does nothing. Look at the example below:

Your Own Account

dreamfire52 allows you to trade from your own brokerage account. Your money is not pooled together in some fund somewhere. You can turn the system on or off at any time and deposit or withdraw your money at any time. No one can access your money in your brokerage account accept you. The API token only allows us to trade the account. It does not allow us to withdraw. You maintain the password for your own account. We specifically wrote our trading tool for the OANDA V20 API platform so you must have an OANDA account to use this service. Fortunately, you can open an OANDA account in minutes with a small amount of money. We have no affiliation with OANDA. We simply like their platform, their fees, and their service. They have been around for a long time and have a good reputation. We also like the fact that they do not invest client funds like some brokerages do. We receive no incentive or kick-back for signing people up with OANDA.

True Passive Income

This system is a true passive income generator. Forex is a 24 hour market. Our traders eat, sleep, and breathe trading so that you don't have to. In fact, once you setup the system initially, you don't have to do anything else. All trades are automatic and you can literally make money while you sleep.


dreamfire52 results are updated every 30 minutes and are posted here. In addition, we have an independent third-party verify our results here. but since you are trading from your own brokerage account, you can see your own results in your own account live at any moment 24/7. Our posted results include the broker trading fees and interest charges so that we are showing you real results. In addition to that transparancy, we allow our third-party verification to post EVERY single trade that we make. We started the host account with $2,000 to show that this program will work for both large and small accounts. In fact, you can get started for as little as $500. You can see every closed trade we have made, verified by MyFxBook by clicking on the chart below.


Getting Started

Getting started is fast and easy. Follow these 3 simple steps to get started with a free 30 day trial period. You could be generating passive income starting today. That is it! After this, your setup is complete and we will trade for you while you work or sleep.