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Dreamfire52 Fee Structure

We are currently offering a 30 day free trial. After your free trial, you can continue on a "pay as you go" plan. You pay for each month and are under no obligation to continue. No long term contracts of any kind. You may cancel at any time. The monthly fee is based on the size of your account. This allows us to service both large and small mirror clients equally. Our fee is 1.00% of the 20 day average size of the account. Check out our performance results since the inception of the host account to get an idea of what is possible. Fees are collected in US dollars. For accounts based in other currencies, the account values and fees are converted to US dollars based on the latest currency exchange rate. See examples of fees below:

Most hedge funds charge what is called a 20 and 1, which is 20% of the gains and one percent of the capital in the account. We do not believe in such extravagent fees. Our straight 1.00% capital fee is a very reasonable approach for our professional fund.

    "The service is great. The fees are reasonable. I love the fact that there are no long term contracts and I can see my gains in real-time on my phone.
-Linda Harris, Portland, OR

Example Account Size Example Monthly Fees (1.00%)
$500.00 $5.00
$755.00 $7.55
$24,200.00 $242.00
$125,150.00 $1,251.50
$350,000.00 $3,500.00

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